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cSocially Media grew from an overwhelming need for local businesses in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville to be able to use online marketing in an affordable, effective way – with a partner they trust. After experiencing firsthand an underwhelming response to his own online marketing needs, Marcus Crutcher opened the doors to cSocially Media.

Marcus Crutcher

Marcus spent 15 years in customer service, sales, and management. With a passion for the creative arts, he also worked as an Editor for 2 years and worked with a professional band for 3 years. Developing online marketing strategies became part of the job duties for Marcus as a business development professional; however, need drove him to seek expert advice from other Nashville online marketing agencies.

In need of a simple web design & SEO strategy in 2010, his company did not have the budget to hire the local online marketing companies that they interviewed. Marcus decided to tackle the web design project since it was a simple one. Suddenly, a passion was a born.

After cutting his teeth for a couple of years on minor projects, Marcus began developing websites for clients. He learned some of the most common coding languages & became familiar with html, php, css, and the design principles inherent in a mobile-optimized website.

In learning SEO principles, Marcus quickly discovered that great content is not only necessary for the website itself, but also for driving traffic to the website. The days of directory link-building and shell sites are coming to an end. Today’s websites need real traffic from reputable sources to enhance their organic listings from search providers.

Paige Crutcher

Paige Crutcher, Marcus’ wife, leant her writing expertise to help develop content that connects with customers. As the Content Editor for cSocially Media, her years of experience in journalism, creative writing, & social media marketing help shape marketing messages into story. Stories are what connect businesses with their customers & keep them engaged beyond the sale.

Jenn Fitzgerald

Social media provides a great forum for businesses & customers to have ongoing conversations. When implementing social media marketing plans, Marcus often turned to Jenn Fitzgerald to create the voice of the companies with whom they worked. Jenn now brings her knowledge and experience in social media marketing to help all cSocially Media clients.

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Marcus and Paige Crutcher

Marcus and Paige Crutcher

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