Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is SEO?


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process by which a web property is designed, developed, and delivered in order to gain the most relevancy and authority.

SEO best practices include


  • great, engaging design
  • clean, efficient code
  • authoritative content
  • backlinks from reputable sources
  • social media signals

Keywords, Content, & Competition

Keyword research & planning is still one of the most important steps to setting a good foundation for your SEO.

We will look at your current keyword rankings, as well as your competitors, to find opportunities for improvement. Once we have identified the best keywords to target, we will review your existing content & help you develop new content related to those keywords.

Getting Technical with an Audit

A technical website audit is essential to identify unseen issues that could be negatively affecting your SEO.

We will audit a host of details, including your site speed, meta data, internal linking, site structure, sitemap, webmaster tools, and responsive design.

Conversions & Lead Generation

Capturing new leads & sales is the most important outcome for your SEO campaign.

We will track how many new leads are submitted through your website, where they came from, and how we can improve on the lead generation process. We have the ability to track your website users abandonment reate on forms, heatmaps for where users click the most, and live recordings of users as they interact with your site.

Improving Your Web Presence

The best brands today are built on inbound & outbound marketing strategies, engaging their audiences in a variety of ways.

We will manage your paid marketing campaigns on AdWords, Facebook, & Instagram to help you get instant results. Combined with great SEO, we will grow your brand visibility & reach new audiences.

SEO Impacts Business Revenue

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about more than just being found on Google. The best SEO practices take into account your web design, content, & performance. Of course, being found by your customers is priority number one.

SEO impacts the bottom line for businesses in many ways. The best SEO services provide value for your entire online marketing strategy & insight into your website activities.

Here are a few things you should expect from your SEO company:

  • More website traffic
  • Increased online visibility
  • Better conversions on your website
  • Ongoing analytics of your site’s traffic & performance

Nashville | Brentwood | Franklin

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The Importance of Local Reviews


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Nashville SEO for Nashville Businesses

If your business relies on the support of local customers, then you have to use a Nashville SEO strategy to connect with your audience.

If a business located in Franklin wants to reach more customers in Nashville and Brentwood, it does not need to waste valuable resources by unknowingly targeting people in Knoxville or Memphis — or worse yet, others states altogether.

Local SEO is becoming more important with each new Google search algorithm update. Local search results are also impacted greatly by things like mobile targeting, social influence factors, & local reviews & citations.

We work with Nashville businesses in some of the most competitive local search industries in Google search. We’ve seen how algorithm changes can completely ruin the search position of companies using black hat SEO techniques. As Google gets better about returning quality local results, local SEO strategies that deliver value to customers are rewarded.

Nashville SEO means optimizing your website & online marketing plan for Nashville. Make sure your customers can find you when they need you. Contact us today for a search engine analysis, SEO audit, or to discuss SEO management costs.

SEO is the best tool to improve your search results ranking.

Local SEO Results

Why is SEO Important for a Small Business?

People turn to the internet for answers. Good SEO helps put your website in front of them — when they need you.

Whether it’s a search for a product or service they need, or to learn more about a business, you can bet that people are searching for your business online every day. Whether or not they can find you is another story.

A good local SEO strategy can help. If you’re not satisfied with your current search rankings, you have the power to change them.

How Our Local SEO Service Works

We’ll start by assessing where you are now and set goals for your company around target keywords. Google & other SEO tools now offer great resources to check Nashville SEO rankings at the zip code level. Using the keyword research & planning tools, we can help you determine which keywords you can rank for quickly in Nashville — as well as which ones we want to target for our long-term Nashville SEO goals.

We’ll check & track your local search position for each of these Nashville keywords. If you need to attract Nashville area customers, you need to show up in Nashville related geo-searches! Our local SEO services are highly targeted to your demographic with measured results that we review with you every month.

SEO Ranking Factors

The Secret to Good SEO

The secret to SEO is that you have to be consistently engaged & evolving. Internet search is an ever-changing thing. If you want to consistently appear on page 1 for local search, then you need to keep up with the constant algorithm changes or hire someone SEO to handle it for you.

Most of our SEO services are for companies with Nashville roots. When it comes to local SEO & online marketing, it’s great to be able to sit down & discuss strategies, tactics, & results together. We love to engage our clients with online marketing strategies that really impact their bottom line.

Tips on Getting Better Position in Local Search Results

Are you looking for DIY SEO tips? Keep these things in mind:

Use White-Hat SEO Techniques

If your industry and brand keywords are not competitive in the search world, then you can quickly move up the search rankings with just a little SEO work. However, don’t expect overnight success. It might take the search engines a couple of months to catch on to changes you’ve made and integrate those changes into their relevancy and authority algorithms. Always use white hat SEO techniques.

Create Content That Provides Value

Focus your energy and efforts on doing what’s right: creating and sharing great content that adds value to your website visitors’ lives. It can be helpful, interesting, insightful, fun, easy to digest — just make sure it’s also easy to share — and you will rise up the search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Avoid Penalties

There are plenty of black hat SEO techniques that promise quick results to boost your search rankings, but we never advise using such methods. In the long run, they will only hurt your site’s authority, reputation, and rankings. Then it takes even more SEO work or a really expensive SEO expert to come fix all the problems that have been made!

Claim Your Local Listings

Claiming your local business on local directories is quick way to send a signal to your customers & to search engines that you are serious about your online branding. Use our free tool to scan your local listings & see where you can improve.

Ready to Begin?

As a Nashville SEO company, operating in Franklin, we love to help local businesses succeed online. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with web design, SEO, social media, or content marketing services, give us a call or get a quote.

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