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Your website is often the first impression that your business makes on the people who visit it. Make sure that the web design & development come together to offer a great impression — one that tells website visitors that you have put thought into their experience.

User experience is sometimes overlooked in web design. It is critically important to provide a good website experience for all visitors, whether they are viewing your website on a desktop or mobile device. We build all sites using responsive web design techniques, so your website looks great on any size screen.

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Cost of Web Design vs. Value of Web Design

Your website is more than just a placeholder on the internet with your contact information and a logo somewhere on the homepage. It’s a reflection of your business, often an introduction to who you are and what you’re all about. When you consider which web design company to choose for your next website, take a few things into consideration:

Does the web designer understand responsive and/or mobile design?

On typical website, at least 50% of traffic comes from smartphones, tablets, & other mobile devices. Your website needs to look good on all of them. Responsive web design is time-consuming, but it provides the most optimized user experience possible.

Is the person designing your site located nearby, in Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin?

Local web designers provide you with two distinct advantages: meeting face to face & understanding your marketplace. We have designed websites for businesses across the country, & while we love working via Skype or a Google hangout, there is no substitution for sitting down together to work through the design process.

Is your web designer the same person as your web developer?

We build all of our websites in-house. As a web design & development company, it’s important to us that we provide you great local support in both phases: web design & development. If you have questions, we can answer them because we’re directly involved in the entire process.

Does your web designer have experience designing your kind of site?

Your web designer & developer should have experience building your type of site. By that, I don’t mean your business industry. I mean html/html5, WordPress, Drupal, etc. We design & develop almost exclusively in WordPress & html/html5. We stick to what we know so we can provide the most value & truly be experts in those fields.

Web Design Built with SEO in Mind

Even the most beautifully designed website is of little value if no one can find it. Small, local businesses rely on word of mouth and targeted advertising to promote their businesses and connect with their customers.

With so many customers finding businesses online, great web design needs to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) and take advantage of new opportunities in mobile and local search. We will ensure your web design is optimized for all forms of search and devices.

Great web design incorporates several factors to ensure your website’s ultimate success. We design & develop sites for fast load time, responsive design for mobile viewing and website integration with analytics & e-commerce.

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Experienced Web Designers with Local Roots in Nashville & Franklin

We work from Franklin, TN & you will often find us meeting with clients in Franklin, Brentwood, & Nashville to discuss web design ideas. We’re here to help you understand what your options are and then bring the web design and development together for a great finished product. We understand Nashville because we’ve live here and love it, just like you.

Website Design Informs Consumer Impressions

Experts agree that you have less than 5 seconds to make a good impression on your website visitors. If it doesn’t pass the initial eye test, they will leave the website, and you will have missed an opportunity to create a new customer right then. Give your visitors a reason to stay, a clear call to action, and great content. Most people find local businesses online these days through search engines. If they find no website, studies have shown that they question the business’s existence. Worse yet, if they find an outdated website with poor design and missing or incorrect information, they doubt the business’s credibility. Show your website visitors that you care & invest in a great website. It’s less expensive than it was just a few years ago, & it can mean the difference between online success & online failure. Make sure your website tells your story, engages your audience and reflects the values of your company. Contact us via our website or call today to get a quick quote or discuss your next web design project. If you want to meet at a local coffee shop, we won’t argue with that either.

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