Marketing with Social Media

You’re probably already familiar with a couple of social media sites. Most of us use them regularly. Facebook alone gets more traffic on a daily basis than any other site, just recently passing Google.

Taken as a whole, these social media sites make a huge portion of time spent online by American consumers. As people continue to get more internet savvy and use their mobile devices more often, they look to social media sites for important information and quick results. Need to find a restaurant? There’s an app for that. Need to know what’s happening around town this weekend? Check Twitter, check the News Feed on Facebook. This is how information is spreading these days.

Businesses Join the Social Media Conversation

Trust FallDon’t let your business be left out of the conversation. Join in and be seen by your customers and their friends. Connect and engage in a way that was never possible before. We can help you navigate the sometimes murky, ever-changing waters of social media marketing. Call us today at 615-208-5373, or contact us here.

These sites have changed the way we search and enjoy the web. You may not be as familiar with RSS feeds, readers, and alerts, but more and more people are using them everyday to do less searching and more enjoying. You can get headlines from your favorite news sources, blogs, and businesses without having to visit each page throughout the day to see what’s updated. If a headlines grabs your attention, click it and you’re taken to that site for the complete story.

These aggregators are great not just for people surfing the web, but for business as well. Would you rather advertise to 25,000 people who don’t want or need your service — or 7,500 people who really want and need that service?

We’ll help you make sense of your different social media sites and optimize your use of them.

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