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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the web design process?

Each project is different, but a typical website takes 6 – 8 weeks from start to finish. It all depends on the communication & urgency from our clients. We have had sites go live in less than a week & others that have taken over a year. Once we understand your goals, vision, & scope, we can give you a more definitive answer.

Do you only work with WordPress sites?

We have built sites using other platforms, but we are versed in WordPress & HTML/HTML5 — and we prefer to stick with what we know best. If you need custom development for a different platform/language/framework, we know some great developers who might be able to help.

When should I expect results from your SEO services?

This is a great question. If you’ve already researched this topic, then you know that SEO does not cure all ills overnight. That being said, you will see changes to your site, your listings, & possibly even your rankings within a month. Siginificant ranking improvement, especially for competitive keywords, is a long-term process & can take months. 

Should my company website have a blog?

If you can provide consistent, interesting content & you think that your customers or potential customers would find it useful, then yes, absolutely. I would not invest any time or effort into a blog for a business without an end result in mind. If you don’t like writing, you might also consider podcasts and/or short videos for your content.

Does my company really need to use social media?

My magic eight-ball says… Most Likely. It’s surprising to me that any business would shy away from social media as an advertising platform. It’s much more targeted & straightforward than mail, tv, radio, or even search engine ads.

You do not need to post everyday or try to come up with a super engaging voice or anything out the ordinary for your business/industry. If you already post everyday & have an engaging social media prescence then you’re not asking this question anyway. You’re already killing it on there.

So, why should the rest of us use social media? Because that’s where people are. And it’s super easy to advertise there. You don’t even have to do any posting, just create a great business profile/page, create some great ads, & track your results. 

Advertising on social media is a bit like popups. What I mean is that people complain about it — but they work. The thing is that no one complains about the ads they click on & get value from. And one of those could be yours.

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